Training of Multi Media Learning Production

This training was held in STMM MMTC Yogyakarta (April 2009), in order to develop our skills in developing multi media for learning purpose. The trainers are lecturer in MMTC Communication and Information Department; and ISI Yogyakarta.  Together with two teachers from SMK Kristen Surakarta, we learned about many things in multi media learning production.

The lessons are :

1. Scripting

2. Camera  Technique

3. Editing Theory

4. Corel Draw

5. Photoshop

6. Premier Pro

7. 3D Max

8. Final Project

Hmm, we only got 2 days for 3D Max, how can? Well, after bargained with the tutors, they gave us more day for 3D max with consequences that we lost a day in project…. 😦

Let see what we’ll do in our final project 😉



4 thoughts on “Training of Multi Media Learning Production

  1. mbak, yg jilbab putih itu dirimu?
    wah..nyaman bgt ya ruang kerja mu
    (sorry klo ga nyambung ma topic nya, cm ngerti bhs gambar hehe..)

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