A Book : Beramal Shalih Selezat Coklat


Title : “Beramal Shalih Selezat Cokelat , Bagaimana Bisa Menikmati Amal Shalih Tanpa Jenuh, Lemah, Capek dan Loyo”

Writer : Sami bin Muhammad

ISBN : 9789791867429

Price : Rp 21000 (on Super Book Fair, Feb’09)

I found this book when I visited Super Book Fair last week. Actally, I’ve bought many books before, but cause of the title, I decided to buy (again) 😀  .

“Doing Deeds of Righteousness as Delicious as Chocolate”

From this book, I’ve got many recipe how to make charity become something delicious… I mark a sentence from p75 :

“……. Apabila engkau tidak mendapatkan kenikmatan dan kelapangan di dalam hati karena amal shalih, maka curigailah hatimu…..”

Rabb, let me try… Let me get it… Amiin


2 thoughts on “A Book : Beramal Shalih Selezat Coklat

  1. “….Apabila engkau tdk mndptkn knikmatn & klapangn d dlm hati krn amal shalih, mk curigailah hatimu…”

    Bener mba’, bener.. 10jt x bener bgts…

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